A Whole New (Beauty) World

To start off with, I thought I’d blog a little about my “beauty history”: I’ve been wearing makeup forever. I started wearing makeup every day in middle school. I don’t remember one particular reason why, though I can name a few: it was fun(!), I thought it made me look more grown up, it hid flaws, it was the thing to do, I was influenced by fashion magazines, I was influenced by my mother and grandmother wearing makeup, and because it made me look like a better version of myself.

I started off, as any young girl likely does, playing with my mom’s makeup at a young age, smearing on lipstick and putting on pearls to play dress-up. I remember when I was pretty young that I got a set of “play makeup” for a gift, which included three tubes of color – one for lipstick, one for cheeks, and one for eyes. I quickly graduated to drug store counter makeup.

I never found a great foundation or base, but was lucky enough that it didn’t matter much. Even as a teenager, I had few blemishes (just a few on my chin or around my nose, easily hidden with a concealer). I wore lots of eye makeup and lip gloss and went light on the blush. I experimented with tons of nail polish colors and did funky French tips with dark blue nails and sky blue tips. I learned to wear eyeliner, which made my eyes look bigger behind the huge glasses I wore.

When I was 14, I got contacts as an 8th grade graduation present. For the first time, I wore them to our graduation and celebration dance. I dressed in a beautiful silky blue dress my mother made for me and curled my hair and felt like Cinderella.

In high school, I learned more about upscale beauty supplies and started shopping in Sephora when I had extra money. In college, I started spending money on skincare and really taking care of myself. Until then, I had washed my face with Dove soap and cold water, with the occasional mask to balance out my skin. It didn’t need much, and for that, I consider myself extremely lucky.

After college and in the last few years, I really neglected my skin, defaulting back to my soap and water routine with nary a mask in sight. Finally within the last few years, I have been in a more financially stable position and have been taking care of myself and my skin a lot better. I’ve become a big fan of Lush, spent hours wandering through Sephora, Ulta, and drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, you name it) in search of the perfect products for my skin.

Things have changed since I was in college. My skin has matured and is no longer as oily. My hair has undergone lots of changes, first thinning out quite a lot, and now thickening up quite a bit. I still have very fine hair, but I’m glad to have the bulk of it back.

And, of course, the beauty world has changed quite a lot, as well. There have been so many new and exciting additions in terms of products, lines, and brands in the last few years. There’s been a lot more openness and honesty about how products are made and where the ingredients come from. And let’s not forget the addition of beauty bloggers and vloggers!

It really is a whole new world and I’m excited to explore it!


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