J’adore le miel

Aloha and greetings! I decided to start this blog as a sandbox for beauty, skincare, haircare, perfume, and other girly play things. Before we get started with that, here’s a little about me:

I’m a thirtysomething who loves photography, bright colors, fairy tales, early morning cups of coffee, and crisp autumn days. I like to blog as a hobby. My favorite color is purple. I commute to work via the Metro, but I love driving my Prius. I work at a non-profit and spend my free time writing, reading, and relaxing with my favorite tv shows (Being Erica is probably my favorite ever).

In regards to beauty, I have extremely sensitive skin, naturally wavy hair, and very short nails. I have hazel eyes, which change from blue to green, which makes finding the right shade of eyeshadow challenging at times. My skin prefers perfumes with notes of vanilla, amber, jasmine, rose, and apple.

If you’d like to connect with me, you’re always welcome to leave comments. I’m also on Twitter @jadorelemiel and on Instagram at jadorelemiel_.